Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is Kombucha Tea healthy?

Well...if you consider a strengthened immune system healthy, then read on.
We have all heard the claims that Kombucha is some kind of "Miracle Drink" or health potion, but what is it really?  When consumed within reason Kombucha tea is, at best, an enzyme-rich superfood and at worst, a superb alternative to chemical-laden sodas or fruit juices.  It really hits the spot when you are wanting that sharp bite and fizz in the back of your throat.  It provides sparkle and carbonation in a really healthy form.
Kombucha falls into the family of cultured/fermented foods and as such contains life-giving probiotics which will serve to aid your overall digestive health.  Additionally, you can expect to gain these four main health benefits from drinking Kombucha Tea:
  1. Digestive system support due to the high amounts of active enzymes and probiotics
  2. Cleansing and detoxification due to the Glucaric Acid that is produced in Kombucha: this acid has been shown to prevent cancer, increase energy, and detoxify the body in recent studies.
  3. An excellent antioxidant due to the black tea it is made from which contains flavonoids: these have been show to boost fat loss and boost energy levels
  4. Joint health and Ph benefits due to the high content of Glucosamines: terrific for athletes and those who suffer from arthritis to consume on a regular basis

 Consume a quality brand in moderation or make your own.  Just ask me how!

Living Life for Him,

The Cultured Mom 

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