Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fermentation: the Key to Health and Fighting Antibiotic Resistance - Part Four

Chlorination and CBP's

  • The most widely used method of killing bacteria in water
  • Powerful carcinogenic residues, including Dioxin
  • Destroys Vitamin E in the body = heart problems
  • Has been linked to clogged arteries
  • Risk of bladder cancer is doubled if you drink chlorine treated water
  • Chlorination byproducts (CBP's) in drinking water showing that more than 100,000 women are at elevated risk of miscarriage, or of having children with birth defects because of CBP's in tap water.
CBP's are formed when chlorine reacts with organic matter, including sewage, animal waste, and soil and plant material. - Farm Runoff, Chlorination Byproducts and Human Health; January 8, 2002.
Some have asked about using colloidal silver and/or hydrogen peroxide as alternatives for destroying bacteria.  We will explore these alternatives in future posts.    What about swimming or showering in chlorinated water, thus exposing our skin (our largest organ) to the harmful effects of chlorine?  Due to the need for many of us to hydrate safely we have been conditioned to drink tap water and consider its chlorine additive as safe.  We are so conditioned to consider ingesting chlorine as safe, in fact, that scientists have bound it to a sugar molecule and now call it Splenda!
The Imperial College of London found that chlorine used to disinfect tap water can contribute to an increased risk of having a stillborn baby:
  • up to 21% greater when drinking and washing in water laced with the CBP's
  • unusually small babies
  • UK water companies to restrict their use of chlorine to the minimum levels possible
  • sillbirths or birth defects such as spina bifida
I have been challenged to protect my children's health all the more, including the as of yet unborn children.
Note: Colorado Springs Utilities (which treats 30 million gallons/day) has been using UV light since 2007 to treat their water, killing far more e.Coli and pathogens than the other ever did.  Additionally, it's faster and safer for the employees.
Again, we are destroying our immune system when ingesting chlorinated water.  How much of our immune system does the gut comprise?  Right.  80%

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